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Free CRM for Research and Marketing

Collect feedback from the people who matter most to your business or research. Track responses, analyze data all the way down to the contact level, and store unlimited contacts in the app.

Customer support

Build lasting relationships with your customers. Collect feedback and increase retention.

Sales teams

Find qualified leads through data collection and organize your CRM into a revenue driving powerhouse.


Learn everything there is to know about your customers and how they feel about your business.

Contact Management

Everything you need to know your customer

Use our free customer management software to store all your contacts in one place.

FreeOnlineSurveys CRM includes management tools that enable you to group contacts based on shared information, email metrics, and customer feedback.

Every contact profile is accessible via the CRM, where you’ll find logs for engagement data (open and click rates), campaigns received, and surveys responded to.

Free CRM

Free CRM Features For All

CRM Software

Data processing and Compliance

CRM software with compliance built in

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requires companies to record a lawful reason for processing contact data.

FreeOnlineSurveys contact grouping helps you track and store the lawful basis for processing via Contract, Legal Obligation, Vital Interests, Public Task, Legitimate Interests, and Explicit Consent.

When collecting contact information via surveys, quizzes, or forms, you can assign groups to add contacts to and even collect Explicit Consent with a question.

Compliance Features

Email Invitations

State-of-the-art email builder for personalized invitations

Craft beautiful email invitations for your surveys, quizzes, and forms with our drag-and-drop email builder.

Personalize emails for your research and marketing contacts using merge tags and custom fields.

Track responses for CRM contacts, access historical data and feedback, and send reminders for those yet to respond.

Email Building Software

Features For Building Emails

More Free Tools

Integrated tools at no cost to you

Our Free CRM system is integrated with the free editions of the best FOS products.

Email addresses of your CRM contacts will be recognized when they respond to a survey or quiz, making tracking feedback and scores a breeze.

Form fields can be linked to contact groups, enabling you to collect CRM contacts with a few clicks.

FOS Surveys

Free online survey software to help you collect the data you need to grow your business.

FOS Quizzes

Create free online quizzes with automated scoring to engage, test, or train your CRM contacts.

FOS Forms

Build beautiful free online forms to grow your email list and store what you learn about your contacts.

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