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A huge range of free features and tools compared to competitors.

Privacy by design

Top features:


For long running forms (such as contact forms) or larger surveys.

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when billed annually, otherwise {{ costs['19-essential'].currencySymbol }}{{ costs['19-monthly'].costExVat }} / month

Save on 6 months
Purchase 6 months (worth {{ costs['19-essential'].currencySymbol }}120) at once and we'll give you one of those months free:
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/ 6 months


More question types, additional team users, and our new calculator builder.

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billed annually


For verified students (proof required)

Save 76% Annually or 60% Monthly

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when billed annually, {{costs['19-essential'].currencySymbol}}{{costs['19-monthly-student'].costExVat}} / month when billed monthly

Top features:

Schools & Non-profits

Multi-user teams for registered non-profits

Save 48% on the Pro plan

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billed annually

Top features:

Shout Business

Our business plans pack more features, enhanced levels of privacy, and better support for less money than our competitors.

Team Plans from {{costs['19-essential'].currencySymbol }}{{divideByTwelve costs['19-pro'].costExVat}} / month

Full trial accounts available for all plans on request.

Enhanced privacy & anonymity

Branding options

Teams and organization admin

Shout Audience

Purchase survey takers from our marketplace and get results within 48 hours.

Standard targeting

Enhanced targeting


Start your Free Trial with Shout

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No card required, trial enables Pro features with 20 response limit per project.

Upgrade for advanced features

Our plans are designed to support you as your business grows. More specialized features, more team users, and unlimited response storage.

Unlimited responses

Upgrade to one of our annual plans to collect and store unlimited responses for your surveys, quizzes, forms, and calculators.

Essentials • Pro • Business


Tag questions which contain Personally Identifiable Information (PII) to unlink them from other anonymous question responses.


Team collaboration

Invite colleagues to join your team, share the features of your plan, and collaborate on surveys and reports together.

Pro • Business

Exit page redirect

Redirect respondents to a web page of your choosing when they submit a response to your survey, quiz form, or calculator.

Pro • Business

Net Promoter Score

Add our pre-built NPS question type to surveys to measure customer loyalty and calculate your Net Promoter Score.

Pro • Business

Target respondents

Find survey respondents from all over the world (using targeting criteria such as job role, hobbies, and salary) to power your research.

Essentials • Pro • Business

Custom survey URL

Replace the generic slug of survey URLs with custom text, e.g.

Pro • Business

Custom domain

Host surveys on your own domain rather than the FreeOnlineSurveys domain, e.g.

Pro • Business

White label

Enable our white label feature to remove FreeOnlineSurveys branding from surveys, quizzes, calculators, forms, and emails.

Pro • Business

A/B testing

Split test sections of text, images, and videos in surveys to identify what content performs best with your respondents.

Pro • Business

Hidden fields

Pass custom information from URL parameters into surveys to personalize content and store tracked data in reports.

Pro • Business

Zip/ Postcode lookup

Allow respondents to enter their Zip / Postcode and select their address from a list of those in that area (US and UK only).

Pro • Business

Interactive calculators

Craft interactive calculators for any purpose, including custom price quotes, product recommendations, and lead capture.

Pro • Business

Privacy by design

At FreeOnlineSurveys, we take the privacy and security of your data very seriously. Not only have we gone above and beyond to ensure we’re compliant with data protection laws, we’ve also extended this to you when collecting data from respondents.

True anonymity

All responses are anonymous by default. You decide if you want to collect personal data.

Reliable servers

Web traffic routed through the private "Cloudflare Argo" network to servers local to you.

No 3rd party trackers

No 3rd party trackers are installed on your surveys other than Repatcha (for spam prevention.)

Minimal logging

We do not record respondent IP addresses or browser agent details in our server logs or database.

Data ownership

You own the data you collect, we only require rights to use it for the purpose of providing the service.

Masked IP addresses

We hash respondent IP addresses in our database and server logs to ensure it cannot be read.

Free features for everyone

We have a huge range of free-to-use features to help you create surveys, quizzes, and forms.

Over 20 question types

From multiple-choice to scales, sliders, and ratings, we have a huge range of question types for you to choose from.

Question logic

Create custom paths though your survey by sending respondents to different pages based on their answer choices.

Multiple survey types

Create classic multi-question per page surveys, or switch to single-question per page surveys for enhanced user experience.

AI question prediction

Enter your question text and our AI prediction tool will recommend the best question type for you  (you can change this at any time).

Customizable designs

Add your logo, customize survey backgrounds, add images, changes fonts, and really make surveys your own.

Filters & cross-tabs

Identify patterns & trends in your survey results and create customer segments using our advanced filtering and comparison tools.

Mandatory questions

Mark individual questions as mandatory to require respondents to answer before they go to the next page or submit a response.

Prevent duplicate responses

Protect your results by preventing people from being able to respond to your survey more than once when using the same device.

Survey languages

Easily switch your survey language to any of the most commonly spoken languages in the world, e.g. French, Spanish, Chinese.

Response notifictions

Receive a notification to your email inbox or Slack workplace each time a response is submitted to one of your projects.

Email surveys

Craft beautiful email invitations for your surveys, track responses, monitor engagement metrics, and send up to 250 emails per month.

Web embed

Embed surveys, quizzes, forms, and calculators on your website. We provide the code, all you need to do is copy and paste.

Pop-up surveys

Have your survey, quiz, form or poll trigger as a pop-up when website visitors click a button. We provide the code, you just copy it.

Docked sidebar surveys

When a respondent clicks a button, set your survey to trigger in a left or right docked sidebar with a simple line of code.

Text piping

Pass custom text into your surveys based on respondent answer choices or data you’ve stored in our integrated CRM.

Answer validation

Set rules for text based questions so respondents provide validated answers, e.g. email address, web domain, number.

Integrated CRM

Our integrated CRM allows you to store unlimited contacts, create custom fields, segment contacts, and track consent.

Stakeholder report access

Whilst survey reports are private by default, you can make them public and share access with stakeholders with a unique URL.

More about plans and pricing

How do I sign up?

Signing up to FreeOnlineSurveys couldn’t be easier. Click any of the sign up buttons above and you’ll be taken to our account creation portal. We’ll only ask for your email address, which you’ll need to log into your account in the future.

We don’t ask for any other details.

We offer a huge variety of features for free, including:

  • Unlimited surveys, quizzes, and forms (projects)
  • Unlimited questions per project
  • 1000 responses per project
  • Question logic
  • Text piping
  • Multiple exit pages
  • Export your data (PDF and spreadsheet)
  • Along with all the other free features listed here

These features are always available on our Free plan, and you can upgrade any time to get access to advanced features like team collaboration, Net Promoter Score, Exit Page Redirects, and more!

You can collect up to 1000 responses per project with the Free plan. There is a 1000 response limit on the Monthly plan, and then all Annual plans allow you to collect and store unlimited responses.

You can use most of our products on the free plan, including:

Survey builder (free)

Our survey builder can be used to create surveys, forms and polls. There’s no limit on the number of projects you can create, nor is there any limit on the number of questions you can ask.

Quiz builder (free)

Create engaging quizzes, apply points to questions, and have scores calculated automatically. You can create custom messages to be displayed based on quiz taker scores, and choose to show or hide quiz results upon submission.

CRM (free)

Our integrated CRM allows you to import your existing email lists, collect new contacts with forms and survey questions, track the lawful basis for processing contact data, and collect and record explicit consent.

You can store unlimited contacts, completely for free.

Email builder (free)

Build beautiful email invitations for your surveys, quizzes, and forms, track who has and hasn’t responded, and monitor email engagement metrics (such as open and click rate).

You can send up to 250 email invitations per month with the free plan, and upgrade any time to increase this limit. Here’s a rundown of the email send limit for each plan:

  • Monthly: 1000 emails per month
  • Essentials: 3000 emails per month
  • Pro: 5000 emails per month
  • Business: 7000 emails per month

Calculator builder (Pro & Business)

Craft interactive calculators for any business purpose, including custom price quotes, product recommendations, and lead generation. You can build formulas with our simple formula builder or switch to our Excel-style table and import your own data set.

A huge range of our question types are compatible with calculator formulas, and you can add custom calls-to-action in results blocks to encourage respondents to visit landing pages.

Lastly, you can also email-gate your calculator results, prompting respondents to enter their contact information before results are shown.

We offer a massive range of question types on our free plan, which you can find below.

Free question types

  • Multiple-choice (single select)
  • Multiple-choice (multi-select)
  • Binary yes/no
  • Opinion scale
  • Slider
  • Star rating
  • Drop down list (single select)
  • Drop down list (multi-select)
  • Order ranking
  • Date
  • Date range
  • Age
  • Integer (whole number)
  • Decimal
  • Numeric slider
  • Money/ currency
  • Matrix
  • Multi-factor scale
  • Multi-factor slider
  • Picture choice (single-select)
  • Picture choice (multi-select)
  • Picture comments
  • Textbox (single)
  • Textbox (multiple)
  • Comment/ essay box
  • Contact form
  • Email address field (validated)
  • Web address field (validated)
  • Telephone number field (validated)
  • A/B testing (image, video, text)

Net Promoter Score (Pro)

Measure customer loyalty with a single question: “how likely are you to recommend our product/ service/ brand to a friend or colleague?”.

Our NPS question type asks respondents to reply on a scale of 0 to 10, responses are categorized into Promoters, Passives, and Detractors. We also calculate your Net Promoter Score, which will be returned as a value between -100 and 100. This question type has a unique chart, which concisely presents all the above information.

Available with the Pro and Business plans.

Absolutely! All surveys, quizzes, forms, and calculators have been optimized to work perfectly across all devices. So, your participants can respond any where, any time.

We offer a specific plan that can be paid on a monthly basis, helpfully named “Monthly”.

We also offer a special deal on this plan, where if you subscribe for 6 months we give you one of those months for free! Choosing this plan also allows you to collect unlimited responses.

All other plans are paid annually, allow you to collect unlimited responses, and still work out cheaper than many of our competitors.

Of course we do! There are discounts available for students and teachers on both the Monthly and Essentials plans. We also offer a massive 48% discount on the Pro plan for Schools and Non-Profits.

Head up to our Plans and select the Students and Non-profits tab to view these discounts.

We sure do! We have plans specifically built for teams, including:

  • Pro: 3 users
  • Business (5 users): 5 users
  • Business (10 user): 10 users

If you’d prefer not to host surveys on the FreeOnlineSurveys domain, you can head over to our sister site There your surveys will be hosted on the Shout domain (unless you opt to host surveys on your own domain).

We still offer the same cutting-edge software over on Shout, but the branding is more business friendly.

If you need more than 10 users or have a custom request for your plan, you can contact us as [email protected], where we’ll be happy to help.

Our team plans have huge discounts built in, you can check any of our competitors and you’ll see that we offer more users for less than many of them.