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Lightning fast form builder

Building a form should be as easy as filling one out. Our question prediction A.I. will recommend a question type as you type, streamlining the build process.

But if that’s not to your liking, you can choose from over 20 question types for a more tailored approach.


Building forms has never been easier

Pre-built contact form

Drop in our ready-made contact form to collect information such as name, email, company, and address quickly and easily.

Over 20 extra question types

Our form builder gives you access to a wide  range of additional question types, such as multiple-choice, NPS and dropdowns.

Embed forms

Embed free online forms on your website inline with other content or have it popup or slideout at the click of a button.

Mobile forms

Our free form maker is responsive across all devices. Meaning respondents can fill out forms anywhere, anytime.

Address finder

When collecting addresses from form respondents, allow them to select from a list of addresses based on their zip / postcode.

Logic and piping

Personalize forms by referring to respondents by name with text piping, and create bespoke outcomes using Question Logic.

Manage contacts in our integrated CRM

Collecting contacts is extremely simple with our form builder. Simply connect a form to our integrated CRM, and new contacts will be saved to your selected Group.

Assign Groups a lawful basis for processing contact data (e.g. Legitimate Interests or Consent) to ensure you’re compliant.

And create custom fields to store bespoke information about contacts, such as job role, birthday, products purchased and more.

Connect Online Forms To The CRM

What our customers say about us

Mark Stead - WWTHead of Learning
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The intuitive interface has transformed our processes. Its user-friendly design makes it easy for our team to create, deploy, and analyze surveys quickly. A stress-free interface that boosts productivity and satisfaction.
David Hollinshead - Chelsea FCInsight Manager
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What impressed me was the balance struck between data presentation and simplicity. Intricate survey data is consolidated into digestible visuals, making it easy to identify trends and patterns without getting lost in a sea of numbers.
Mention Socials
Brad Birchmore - Mention SocialsFounder/ Director
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Since we started using this software, our clients have seen more people participating in surveys, gotten great feedback on how easy it is to respond, and the competitions we run have been completely transformed.

Build forms for any purpose

Unlimited forms, completely for free.

Free Online Form Builder FAQs

What are online forms?

Online forms are used to collect information from users over the internet. They are commonly designed to gather specific data from visitors, such as contact details, feedback, registrations, orders, and more.

These forms typically consist of various fields where users can input their information, such as text boxes, dropdown menus, radio buttons, and checkboxes.

If you haven’t done so already, you’ll need to get started by creating an account. After that you’ll have full access to your dashboard, where you can create, copy, delete and manage all your forms.

With FreeOnlineSurveys, we consider surveys and forms to be the same type of project. So, don’t be confused when you don’t see a form project type.

Simply create a new survey, add a single question (or more if you want to create a multi-question form), and you’re ready to collect responses from your audience.

We have a pre-built contact form which can be used for any type of form, including important fields such as:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Email
  • Company
  • Address
  • Zip / Post code
  • State
  • Country

You can also generate a list of addresses based on the Zip / Post code entered by respondents (available with our Pro plan).

Absolutely! At FreeOnlineSurveys compliance is at the forefront of everything we do. All of our products (including our online form builder) are fully compliant with the CCPA, GDPR and other data protection laws, meaning your forms are compliant by default. We also offer feature to help ensure you remain complaint, such as:

  • Pseudonymization: Collect personally identifiable information, whilst keeping response data anonymous.
  • Track lawful basis for processing data (CRM): When Grouping contacting into lists in our integrated CRM, you can assign each Group a separate lawful basis for processing the data of contacts within.
  • Collect and record consent: Add a consent question below contact forms to collect explicit consent to process contact information. This is recorded to contact profiles in the CRM.
  • Cookieless forms: Forms are completely free of tracking cookies, meaning we collect no data about respondents.
  • No IP tracking: Respondent IP addresses are masked before being stored in our database, ensuring their personal data is protected.

You can read more about our privacy practices in our privacy policy or head over to Shout to find out more about our compliance and security.

Yes, with FreeOnlineSurveys you can embed a form (and surveys, quizzes, and calculators) on your website seamlessly. Simply head to the Send section of your project, scroll to the embed option, and copy the code. From there all you need to do is paste the code into your website and your form will appear in an iFrame.

If you’re using a CMS like WordPress or Wix, you can paste this code into an HTML block.

We generate a QR code for each and every project created with FreeOnlineSurveys. You can find the QR code for your form by heading to the Send section. Simply right click the QR code and save it to your local system.

Then you can add it to physical media and put it in a publicly accessible location. Respondents can scan the code with the camera app on a mobile device to be taken directly to your form.

All projects (including forms) are completely anonymous by default. However, by their very nature, forms aim to collect personally identifiable information from respondents.

That’s where our Pseudonymization feature comes into play! Pseudonymization allows you to collect personally identifiable information (such as names and email addresses) whilst keeping responses to other questions in your form completely anonymous.

Say you want to update employee contact information using a form, but also want to collect feedback on their work / life balance.

With Pseudonymization, you can mark questions that collect PII, the responses of which will be stored in a tracked report.

Responses to any other question in your form will be stored in a separate anonymized section. Response order is randomized in both reports, so there’s no way to link the PII back to the anonymized question data.

Of course! We understand you might want to print your form and collect paper copies of responses.

You can export a PDF of your survey from the Build section, which can then be saved to your device and printed when needed.

Then when it comes to adding those responses to your form report, you can use the form URL to submit them manually.

When sending a form via email invitation, you can enable tracking to see who has responded . You can also send reminders to those who’re still yet to respond. By enabling tracking, you can also see the open and click rate for each of your invitation campaigns.

You can’t track responses for any other distribution method, but alternatively you can enable Response Notifications. This will send you an email notification each time a form response is submitted.

You’ll get access to our integrated CRM completely for free. When you add a form to a project, you will be prompted to connect it to a Group within the CRM. These Groups can be used from any purpose, from a list of employees to customers who have purchased a specific product.

Each Group can also be assigned a lawful basis for processing the contact data (e.g. Legitimate Interests or Explicit Consent) to ensure that your compliant when collecting respondent data.

If the form is linked to a Group marked with the Consent lawful basis for processing data, we’ll automatically add a consent question to your survey. Respondents will then only be added to the group if consent is given.