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Shelly Rowett - Virgin MediaService Experience Analyst
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We have used for 3 years to collate feedback from our customers on the email service we provide. The website is easy to navigate and as an end user I found it very efficient when pulling results weekly and monthly.
Gail Arlegui - Air CanadaSuccession Manager
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Not only is this tool very easy to use, but it has served many purposes at work — surveys, polls, online registration, online forms, and online exams. It has definitely been a great communication and tracking tool.
Helena Videtic - Dow JonesConference Assistant
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Your service helped us to substantially optimize the development and evaluation of our delegate questionnaire The possibility to individualize the questionnaire with our Dow Jones logo and to link it to our website is very useful.

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Survey responses

Reduce survey abandonment with Auto-Scroll

Long surveys can cause respondent disengagement and increase drop-out rates.

Our Auto-Scroll feature moves respondents to the next question upon answer selection.

Keeping respondents engaged to ensure you don’t miss out on any data.

Mobile surveys

Increase your survey response rates

All survey templates have a responsive design, where Question types are scaled based on your respondents’ screen size.

You’re also able to create surveys and analyze reports from mobiles and tablets.

So you don’t have to wait to get back to the office to edit a question or review feedback.

Finish in 15 minutes

Rapid survey design assistant

Creating a survey shouldn’t be rocket science. Whether you’re measuring customer satisfaction or collecting event feedback, it should be simple and fast.

Our intelligent survey design assistant takes takes all the effort out of the survey building process. It analyzes your question text as you type and suggests a question type for you to use.

Branding and customization

Create a fully branded experience

Designing a survey to align with your brand is essential to building relationships and trust with contacts. Which encourages more open and honest feedback.

Our free survey software allows you to customize themes, add a logo, change fonts and create personalized thank you pages.

You can also use exit page redirects to send participants to your website once they submit a response.

Customizing Survey Themes


Integrated consent management and tracking

No tracking cookies on your surveys

Respondent IP addresses stored in our database as encrypted hashs

Optional peusdononimization – store respondent PII as a separate response

Creating a free questionnaire

Essential features. Free forever.


22 Question types and fields

The survey maker includes a host of question types, including Likert scales, Net-Promoter-Score and multiple-choice.

Logic and piping

Use features like page logic, text piping and custom fields to personalize your online questionnaires for respondents.

Response notifications

Receive notifications by email or to your Slack workplace every time a response is submitted for your survey.

Mobile surveys

Our free survey creator is responsive on all devices. Meaning you can create or take surveys anywhere and anytime.

A/B testing

Split test images, videos and text in surveys to identify content that performs best with your respondents.

Survey tracking

Keep track of email contacts who’ve responded to your survey and send reminders to those yet to reply.

Reports and data

Analyze results effortlessly

Live results

Results are collected in real time, allowing you to review data on submission.

Segment and compare

Identify patterns and trends in your data set with filtering and cross-tabulation tools.

Public reports

Publicize digital report and share it with stakeholders and team members.

Exportable data

Export your data as an Excel spreadsheet  (Full Text or Numeric) or as a PDF report.

Creating Reports For Your Online Survey Data

Shout Audience

Find the perfect respondents

Target survey respondents all over the world and get instant feedback to power your research.

Find Respondents For Your Surveys
Free CRM

Generate leads and store them securely with our free CRM

Collect feedback from the people who matter most to your business or research. Track responses, analyze data all the way down to the contact level, and store unlimited contacts in the app.

Manage contacts

Store unlimited contacts and filter by custom fields, survey data, and email engagement metrics.

Track compliance

Organize contacts based on lawful reason for processing, and record Explicit Consent.

Grow your audience

Collect new contacts using Forms and build on existing information by pulling data from survey questions.



Gather the data you need to make informed decisions with our free online survey tool.



Measure the effectiveness of staff training and test audiences with the free online quiz maker.



Collect feedback, capture leads, register guests or join members using the free online form builder.

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