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Calculator Builder

Effortlessly build calculators with no code

Our Online Calculator Builder is designed with simplicity in mind. With our intuitive What You See Is What You Get” (WYSIWYG) editor, you can create custom calculators without ever needing to write a single line of code.

As you make changes, you can instantly preview your calculator to see how it will appear. This visual feedback loop ensures you’re in control of the calculator’s look and functionality.


Custom calculators that tick all the boxes


Define a range and allow visitors to select a numeric value along a slider.


Visitors can input numeric values, choose from Decimal, Integer, Monetary and Age.

Contact Forms

Collect contact information such as names, email addresses and phone numbers.


Allow visitors to make single or multiple selections from a list of options.


Create a list of hidden answer choices, which visitors can click to reveal.

Picture choice

Add images to multiple-choice questions in your online calculators.

Formula Builder

Create complex formulas in a few clicks

You don’t need to be a mathematician to create calculators with FreeOnlineSurveys. Our drag-and-drop editor means that building complex formulas is as simple as possible.

Whether you need basic operations like addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, or you’re dealing with advanced functions like square roots, logarithms, or IF statements, our formula builder has you covered.

Our online calculator builder includes

Simple formula builder

Bring your calculator to life with a custom formula, using both simple and advanced operators & functions.

Excel-style builder

Import your own datasets and build more complex formulas using functions that reference multiple cells, rows or columns.

Real-time validation

Worried about formula errors? Our builder offers real-time validation, helping you identify and correct errors as you build.

Responsive design

Our custom calculators perform perfectly on any device. Preview designs on desktop, mobile, or tablet any time.

Instant results

Display results to visitors as they enter data or adjust parameters, side-by-side with your custom calculator.

Gated results

Collect contact information such as names and email addresses before displaying calculator results to visitors.

Conditional messages

Craft custom messages to be displayed alongside results that trigger based on users' input values and scores.

Embed calculators

Embed calculators on a landing page with a simple line of code and fully customize styles to match your website design.

See our calculators in action

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Quote prices instantly

Eliminate the friction of static pricing pages and stand out from your competition by allowing prospects to estimate quotes on the spot. Whether your pricing strategy is stepped, tiered, or user-based, there’s a question type for your calculator.

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Streamline your ordering process

Collect customer details, calculate costs, and get notified instantly upon submission. Securely store customer data in our CRM and follow up orders with a satisfaction survey to guarantee an exceptional customer experience.

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Gate results & generate leads

Create web calculators as lead magnets and request contact information from visitors before sharing results. Show results upon submission, or receive a notification and contact leads with their results directly.

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Drive organic traffic growth

When coupled with high-quality content, web calculators can boost your site’s search engine rankings. Not only do they favour free tools that provide value to visitors, calculators are inherently shareable, signalling your site’s authority and increasing traffic.

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Increase time on your website

Captivate your audience with interactive calculators and decrease bounce rates on your site. Help visitors make decisions, solve problems, and learn more, whilst positioning yourself as an authority in your industry.

What our customers say about us

Mark Stead - WWTHead of Learning
Read More
The intuitive interface has transformed our processes. Its user-friendly design makes it easy for our team to create, deploy, and analyze surveys quickly. A stress-free interface that boosts productivity and satisfaction.
David Hollinshead - Chelsea FCInsight Manager
Read More
What impressed me was the balance struck between data presentation and simplicity. Intricate survey data is consolidated into digestible visuals, making it easy to identify trends and patterns without getting lost in a sea of numbers.
Mention Socials
Brad Birchmore - Mention SocialsFounder/ Director
Read More
Since we started using this software, our clients have seen more people participating in surveys, gotten great feedback on how easy it is to respond, and the competitions we run have been completely transformed.

Online calculator builder FAQs

What are online calculators?

Online calculators are digital tools that allow users to perform a diverse array of mathematical computations or conversions. They offer the flexibility to create customized calculators tailored to specific functions or tasks. These calculators enable users to input parameters or data and receive real-time results, facilitating rapid problem-solving without the constraints of traditional calculators or manual calculations.

They’re a fantastic resource for businesses seeking to boost engagement with their audience, generate leads, and increase conversions.

To get started, you’ll first need to create an account with FreeOnlineSurveys. Then click the + icon and select the calculator project type.

From here you can add questions and fields, build a formula, and add results blocks.

You have two options when it comes to building formulas. Firstly, you can use the simple formula builder which allows you drag and drop questions into the builder, and use a range of operators and functions.

Alternatively, you can use our Excel-style formula builder, which allows you to import existing data sets and use functions available in tools like Excel and Sheets.

You can add CTAs to any results block in your calculator. Simply click the results block, set the CTA toggle to active, and a call-to-action will appear below. You can add a CTA to each results block (which you can have multiple of in each calculator), and even have them appear conditionally.

Absolutely! At FreeOnlineSurveys compliance is at the forefront of everything we do. All of our products (including our online calculator builder) are fully compliant with the CCPA, GDPR and other data protection laws, meaning your forms are compliant by default. We also offer feature to help ensure you remain complaint, such as:

  • Pseudonymization: Collect personally identifiable information, whilst keeping response data anonymous.
  • Track lawful basis for processing data (CRM): When Grouping contacting into lists in our integrated CRM, you can assign each Group a separate lawful basis for processing the data of contacts within.
  • Collect and record consent: Add a consent question below contact forms to collect explicit consent to process contact information. This is recorded to contact profiles in the CRM.
  • Cookieless calculators: Calculators are completely free of tracking cookies, meaning we collect no data about respondents.
  • No IP tracking: Respondent IP addresses are masked before being stored in our database, ensuring their personal data is protected.

You can read more about our privacy practices in our privacy policy or head over to Shout to find out more about our compliance and security.

Yes, with FreeOnlineSurveys you can embed calculators (and forms, quizzes, and surveys) on your website seamlessly. Simply head to the Send section of your project, scroll to the embed option, and copy the code. From there all you need to do is paste the code into your website and your calculator will appear in an iFrame.

If you’re using a CMS like WordPress or Wix, you can paste this code into an HTML block.

Yes, it’s possible to show different content to calculator respondents based on the results returned to them. For example, you may want to show “Message 1” to respondents who receive a result between 1 and 50, and “Message 2” to those with a result over 50.

You can add as many conditions as you like, writing unique headings, descriptions, and calls-to-action for each. These conditions are based on the numeric result returned by a formula, and can be set with the following operators:

  • < (Less than)
  • > (More than)
  • <= (Less than or equal to)
  • >= (More than or equal to)
  • == (Equal to)

All projects (including calculators) are completely anonymous by default. However, in many cases you’ll want to collect personal data in order to track who has and hasn’t responded to your survey.

That’s where our Pseudonymization feature comes into play! Pseudonymization allows you to collect personally identifiable information (such as names and email addresses) whilst keeping responses to other questions in your form completely anonymous.

With Pseudonymization, you can mark questions that collect PII, the responses of which will be stored in a tracked report.

Responses to any other question in your form will be stored in a separate anonymized section. Response order is randomized in both reports, so there’s no way to link the PII back to the anonymized question data.

Yes! If you’re using calculators as a lead magnet, you may want to collect email addresses (and other personal data) before showing results. By default, calculator results are only shown once a respondent reaches the exit page. If you place a contact form (or any other question) between your calculator and the results page, respondents will need to fill this out before being shown the results.