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How To Create A Social Media Marketing Quiz

How to Create a Social Media Marketing Quiz

Quizzes are often overlooked when it comes to putting together a social media marketing strategy. However, they offer a unique opportunity to not only engage audiences, but to learn more about them.

In this article, we’ll dive into how to create a social media marketing quiz, maximize engagement, and what to do with the data.

Let’s dive on in, shall we?

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What is a social media quiz?

Social media quizzes are pieces of interactive content, designed to engage audiences.

The real difference to more traditional quizzes is that you’ll want it to be inherently shareable. It’s got to be something that scratches an itch for quiz takers.

They’re exceptionally good lead generation tools, as people will be happy to exchange their contact information in return for their results.

How to create a social media marketing quiz

Without further ado, let’s dive into the steps for creating a social media quiz that engages your audience and helps you meet your business goals.

1. Set a clear goal

As with any marketing activity, you’ll need to begin with a specific goal in mind for your social quiz.

Your goals can range from learning more about your target audience to increasing traffic to landing pages on your website. Whatever it is, your goal will determine the kinds of questions you include in your quiz.

If you need some ideas for goals, here’s a few on us:

  • Increase brand awareness
  • Generate leads
  • Identify customer pain points
  • Product recommendation

Your goals should be specific and measurable (SMART Goals) in order to measure the success of your quiz.

SMART Goals Definitions Source Indeed
Source: Indeed

2. Pick a quiz topic

Next you’ll need to pick a topic for your quiz, which can depend on what your specific goal is. However, if you have more freedom in what your topic can be, we recommend heading over to some social platforms and taking a look at the trending topics.

By choosing a trending topic for your quiz, you maximize its reach and the number of people who respond.

This could be anything from the top TV show in the limelight to specific event that have taken place.

But a word of warning, trending topics come and go quickly. So, once you’ve chosen your topic, we recommend designing and sharing it as quickly as possible.

3. Design your quiz

Now, let’s dive into the exciting part – the creative process! Crafting questions, sprinkling in points, and giving your quiz a stylish makeover are all part of the journey.

Create a Social Media Marketing Quiz With FreeOnlineSurveys

Crafting questions

Your questions should, for the most part, relate to the topic you’ve chosen. Consider throwing in a few curveball questions to uncover juicy insights about your audience. After all, who said quizzes can’t be both fun and informative?

We’d recommend mixing up the question types you use (such as multiple-choice, binary, picture questions) to keep things fresh.

You could rely on some existing quiz templates, but these are likely to be something audiences have seen before.

Applying points

Applying points is like adding a dash of magic. Your quiz takers are eagerly waiting to see those scores, it’s the essence of the quiz experience! So, be sure to make those points count and create a scoring system that leaves your participants excited to share their results.

Customizing designs

Now, let’s talk design. Sure, you want your branding to shine through – toss in that logo and sprinkle some branded visuals. But, steer clear of the bland. Your quiz should be a visual delight, not a snooze fest. Give it that ‘pop’ factor; otherwise, you might risk quiz takers dropping out.

4. Add a lead capture form

If you’re intent is to capture leads, you’ll likely want to email gate your quiz results.

To do this, simply add a form to collect names and email addresses (and other vital information) before your results page.


Don’t ask for this information before your quiz questions, as you’ll likely see a higher drop-out rate.

The sweet spot if right before your results are shown. Then it’s clear to quiz takers that there will be immediate value for handing over their details.

5. Create rewarding results

The results are what quiz takers have been working towards and, if you email gated, what they exchanged their contact information for.

They’ll also dictate whether people share your quiz with others.

Here are some tips for creating compelling results:

  • Personalize content based on scores.
  • Include downloads or exports people can keep.
  • Let them learn something positive about themselves.
  • Be truthful, people won’t share your quiz if they’re being lied to.

It’s also important to include your branding on the results page. You want to create a positive association between their results and your brand.

6. Share your quiz to social media

Creating a social media quiz is the hard part, sharing it is easy!

Simply head over to the social media platforms of your choice and share your quiz with an engaging hook.

If you create a free quiz with FreeOnlineSurveys, you can share directly to social platforms such as:

  • X (formerly Twitter)
  • Facebook
  • Linkedin
  • Whatsapp
  • Pinterest
  • Reddit

The more platforms you promote your social media marketing quiz on, the merrier – not just in terms of brand exposure but also for snagging those leads.

7. Analyze and share results

Now that your quiz has wrapped, it’s time to unveil the treasure trove of insights it brings. 

Analyzing quiz results

Analyzing your quiz results isn’t just about numbers; it’s about unlocking the stories your audience shares through their responses. Dive into the data with a curious spirit – what patterns emerge?

Examine which questions sparked the most engagement, discover the prevalent quiz outcomes, and identify trends that could guide your future content strategy.

Sharing results

And don’t forget, your audience is eagerly waiting to see how they stack up against their peers.

Write a post announcing the winners, showcasing interesting statistics, and maybe even throwing in a few shoutouts to participants who aced the quiz.

You’re not just sharing results; you’re creating a memorable moment that resonates with your audience.

Create a social media marketing quiz for free

With FreeOnlineSurveys you can create quizzes and share them to social media, completely for free!

We’ve also made capturing lead information as simple as possible. Just add a lead capture form after your questions, and quiz takers will need to fill it out before seeing their results.

And what’s more? You can create custom messages that act as outcomes for your quiz takers. So, if they score within a specific range, they’re shown a different message to others!

How to get more responses for your social media marketing quiz

The key to a successful social media quiz is to maximize their reach.

Here are a few ways you can get more responses:

Encourage people to take your quiz again

Tease other outcomes, challenge them to get better scores, or make sure they were recommended to right product.

If you’re trying to learn more about your audience, you may only want to collect one response per person.

Otherwise, you may end up skewing your data.

Offer an incentive

Incentives serve as a powerful motivator.

The prospect of gaining something valuable, whether it’s a discount, exclusive content, or a chance to win a prize, encourages participation.

They also trigger the fear of missing out (FOMO), where people see others benefiting from a reward, they are more likely to join in to avoid being left out.

This social pressure can drive increased participation and sharing.

Use FreeOnlineSuvreys Audience to reach more people

If you’re underwhelmed by the number of responses you receive, take advantage of our Audience feature.

This allows you to share directly to quiz takers based on custom criteria, like age, location, and job roles.

Whilst these responses wouldn’t be collected from social media, it’s still an extremely valuable method for ensuring you have a healthy dataset.

What to do after sharing your social media marketing quiz

Just because you’re finished collecting responses, doesn’t mean you’re work is done. Now it’s time to follow up with your new leads and continue providing value.

Thank everyone for taking part

If you’ve collected contact information, this is a great first step to starting a conversation with leads. Shoot them an email to ensure you stay in their mind, and thank them for taking part.

Starting with gratitude is the catalyst of strong relationships.

And from here, your lead nurturing strategy begins.

Share quiz results

Unveiling your quiz results is like opening a treasure chest of insights, not just for you but for your quiz takers too!

They’ll be eager to see how their scores stacked up against the rest of the community, so sharing your quiz results should be your next step.

And the best part? With FreeOnlineSurveys, making your quiz report public is a breeze. Share access to it with a simple URL link, turning your results into a dynamic, accessible resource.

Create a branded quiz report

Picture this: a captivating landing page or a beautifully designed PDF that unveils not just answers but the collective intelligence and unique insights of your quiz-taker community.

This isn’t just about crunching numbers; it’s about crafting a narrative. By encapsulating audience averages, you’re not only providing valuable information but also curating an experience that resonates long after the quiz has ended.

Dig into your data

A social media marketing quiz is a fantastic way to learn more about your audience.

What their interests are, what they need, and how they might think about particular problems.

This data can be used to create buyer personas, or even fine-tune future quizzes you’d like to create.

Wrapping up

Social media marketing quizzes offer a unique opportunity to provide entertainment, collect data, and stimulate brand engagement.

The journey doesn’t end with responses; it extends to post-quiz interactions.

Expressing gratitude, sharing results, and turning data into actionable insights are crucial steps in building lasting connections with your audience.

But don’t take our word for it, create a free account today, create your own quizzes, and start growing your audience.

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