Cardz for Kidz! - Q3 2017: What are your favorite THREE cards? Below are the descriptions and the overall uplifting messages! Please select THREE choices.
Colorful Toucan: "Toucan do it!"0%
Pink Unicorn: "Wishing you a magical day!"0%
Sponge Bob: "Today is a good day to have a good day!"0%
Moana on Pink Card: "There's more beyond the reef"0%
Cookie Monster on Blue Card: "I wouldn't trade you for all the cookies in the world because you're the best child ever." 0%
Gray Kitten: "You're awesome! Be Happy! I love you! Smile! Hi there! We're friends! This kitty comes to say hello and wish you all happy things."0%
Pink with Eyes: "Open Me to Giggle. How do all the oceans say hello to each other? They just wave! (2 more jokes). I hope this made your day a little better. You are so strong and are able to conquer the world. Stay smiling."0%
Colorful Dinosaurs: "You're Dinomite. Q: What does a triceratops sit on? A. A tricera-bottoms! (2 more jokes)"0%
Tree Card with Red Bird: "Birds are singing cuz you're TREE-RIFIC!!"0%
Yellow Dinosaur on Blue Card: "Rawr in dinosaur means that you are totally cool. Sending you a Rawr-tastic day!"0%